NIC Argentina has launched .AR second-level domain registration

Now you can have shorter and easier to remember domains.


NIC Argentina has launched .AR second-level domain registration

This new ccTLD will be launched in 3 phases when it will be available to all registrants.

First Phase: Sunrise – until 09/11/19
  • Reserved to the owners of third-level domains registered before the 1st of December 2015
  • Domain must have between 4 to 50 characters.
  • The registration has to be in the name of the registrant of the corresponding third-level domain:,,
  • It is excluded reserved, restricted and 1 to 3 characters domains.
  • If a domain has more than one possible applicant, NIC will assign an "application number" and at the end of this phase, the applicant will be able to make the corresponding payment if the domain has only one request. On the contrary, there will be a lottery to assign “priority” numbers to each applicant to make the payment. If an applicant does not proceed with the payment within the deadline set by NIC, the applicant with the second priority number will have the opportunity to pay the registration of the domain and so.
Second Phase: "Interest" registration process from 11/09/2019 until 09/11/2019.
  • All available domain can be registered.
  • It is open to all parties.
  • It has 2 stages: during the first one, the applicant has to apply for the domain and pay a non-refundable fee.
  • In the second stage, the applicant that applied for a domain that has only one request will be able to complete the order paying the registration fees.
  • In case of a domain with more than one application, there will be a lottery among the applicants of the domain to assing "priority" numbers to make the payment which will be notified by the NIC.

**Domains requested during either of these 2 phases and whose registration is not completed will become available during the general availability phase. **Domains registered during these phases can not be transferred to a different registrant during a period of 2 years.

Third Phase: General Availability since 23/02/2020.
  • Any domain can be registered without special requirements.
  • "First come, first served" basis.

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